• Possibility of security settings.

    If the application does not have file write or read permissions, VRM files cannot be loaded. So check the security settings on your PC.

  • Possible problems with the VRM file itself.

    UniVRM is used as a package to handle VRM. Please check the version of UniVRM that can be found in the app's setting modal to see if VRM can be loaded at runtime.


    It is easy to check from the UniVRM sample scene (VRM10Viewer).

  • Possibility that FBX texture references are not relative paths.

    If the texture path of the 3D model is an absolute path and it was created by someone other than you, it cannot be loaded because the texture path is different. Please use Blender or your favorite 3D modeling tool to reconfigure the textures and change them to relative paths.

  • Issue of the asset itself.

    I use Trilib for fbx loading. The assets have some issues and limitations. You can check those problems from below link.

    Trilib Wiki

Now that Vrm1.0 is supported, it is rendered with MToon10 shaders.

Other app developers have reported cases of VRoid HUB integration failure.

VRoid SDK Forum

I apologize for the inconvenience, but please check the security settings of your device.