How to get over 1000 subscribers on Youtube for IndieDev

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Youtube Marketing for Indie Developers

Marketing plays a crucial role for individual game and app developers. No matter how great a product you develop, it holds no meaning if there are no people to use it.

I run a YouTube channel, and I have been experiencing growth in the number of subscribers. I utilize it as a platform to promote my activities.

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Since many indie developers like myself cannot spend much money on marketing and advertising, we need to run our SNS.

In this article, drawing from my experience of running a YouTube channel, I will guide you through the key considerations to surpass 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Maintaining a sufficient level of activity without burdening development is essential.

Continuity is of utmost importance.

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Marketing measures are effective only when there is a product to announce.

Posting videos up to a reasonable extent for product development is sufficient.

Also, don't rush just because you don't see an immediate increase in channel subscribers. Develop and post videos at your own pace every day.

To increase search traffic, consider uploading educational videos.

It's common for many people to not be initially interested in a project.

If people are not familiar with your project, they are unlikely to come across your project trailer video through a search.

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If your product name is not well-known initially, not many people will discover your project through search. In such cases, I recommend uploading tutorial contents.

What happened when I uploaded my educational videos.

  • The videos gained visibility in search results, and as a result, the number of subscribers to the YouTube channel started to increase.
  • The revenue (Not that much, though) generated through YouTube has provided me with a sense of comfort and stability during the development process.

Continuing the process becomes easier by sharing the knowledge and tips acquired during development.

You will learn and discover a lot during the development of your product. It would be a waste to keep that knowledge to yourself.

By sharing what you have learned, not only will many people become aware of it, but they will also develop trust in you.

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Developing a product as an individual requires a significant amount of effort, but it is incredibly rewarding. Let's continue to give our best in development, supporting and inspiring each other along the way.

I wish you the best of luck with your project. Please let me know if your project goes well.