Apply Mixamo Animation to VRoid 3D models in Blender

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Applying animation with Blender to 3D models created in VRoid Studio will expand the scope of your creative activities.

This article explains a very simple procedure.


This Youtube video also explains the process in this blog post.

Requied Add-ons

First of all, three add-ons need to be added to Blender.

VRM Add-on for Blender (FREE)

This package is for handling VRM in Blender.

The source code is maintained on Github. Thanks to the developer for a great add-on.

VRM Add-on for Blender

Auto-Rig Pro ($40 USD)

This is a paid add-on, but it's worth buying as it is said to be used by professionals in the field.

Auto-Rig Pro

Auto-Rig Pro:Quick Rig ($10 USD)

This add-on is required to automatically convert VRoid rigs to Auto-Rig Pro ones.

Auto-Rig Pro:Quick Rig

Importing VRM file

Click File > Import > VRM (.vrm) from the menu to import your VRM file into Blender.

File > Import > VRM (.vrm)

Select your VRM file from the dialog and click the "Import VRM" button.

Execute Import VRM

It takes a little time for the 3D model to appear in Blender.

Import Result

Quick Rig (Auto-Rig Pro) Setup

Next, let's create an Auto-Rig Pro rig from the VRoid armature automatically.

Select the armature and from the ARP menu, click VRoid from the Quick Rig Import menu.

Vroid Menu from Quick Rig

Click the OK button in the dialog that appears.

Import OK for VRoid

Then, execute the Quick Rig!

Quick Rig Button

Select OK in the Make Rig window and wait a moment.

Make Rig Window

A Rig in Auto-Rig Pro will be created.

Make Rig Window

Download Mixamo Animation

Download the animation data from the following URL

You must be logged in to Mixamo with your Adobe account.

Then choose your favorite animation and download the FBX.

Since you do not need a mesh, choose Without Skin.

Donwload Dialog of Mixamo

Save the file to any path you like.

Save Fbx Animation

Remap Mixamo Animation to VRoid

Import the animation file you just downloaded into Blender.

Save Fbx Animation

Click the Import FBX button.

Select Fbx file

In the Remap menu of Auto-Rig Pro, select the Fbx armature as the Source Animation and the Auto-Rig Pro rig you created as the Target Armature.

Remap menu

Next, execute Build Bones List.

Build Bones List

Select Mixamo from the Import menu.

Remap import menu

Click OK in the dialog box.

Remap import OK

When Auto Scale is run, the FBX armature fits the size of the VRoid model.

Auto Scale

Execute the Re-Target button.

Re Target Button

Execute the OK button on the Retarget menu.

Re Target OK

Now that the remap is complete, change the frame in the timeline panel and you will see the animation applied to the VRoid model.

Complete Remap



A very simple process allowed us to apply animation to VRoid models within Blender.

I hope that this article helped your creative works.