VRM Animation with cool post-processing in VRM Posing Desktop

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Congratulations, VRM Animation Format has been officially released!

In this article, we'll import .vrma file in VRM Posing Desktop and export a .mp4 video for our creative works.

I also made a video tutorial, so you can check out that if you like.


VRM Posing Desktop can export VRM Animation as well, and I explained about that in this article. I'm happy you'll check this in case you're interested in.

Pose with .vrma format in Blender3d (from VRM Posing Desktop)

vrma exporting for blender

About VRM Animation

VRM Animation is a format for describing animations of humanoid models defined in VRM.

VRMA has following features.

  • VRM Animation is the common animation file can be applied for any VRM file.
  • This format is written in glTF and is a cross-platform format.
  • VRMA can contain Expression and LookAt.

Here is the official web page of VRM Animation Format.


Import .vrma files

If you don't have any .vrma file, you can download from this Booth page of VRoid Official.


VRMA store page of VRoid Project

And you can purchase VRM Posing Desktop from this link.


VRM Posing Desktop

Well, let's import a .vrma file in VRM Posing Desktop.

  1. Open the Loop / .vrma panel.
  2. Click the ↑↓ button
  3. Click the .vrma import button

Import VRM Animation from the Loop/.vrma panel

Now, vrm 3d models will move or dance.

I think VRMA is a really awesome format.

3D models moving

Post-Processing Effect and .mp4 Exporting

Finaly, let's add Post-Processing to make the graphics richer.

Here is the post-processing option in my case. I wish you select your favorite effects.

  • Bloom
    • Intensity: 1.000
    • Threshold: 0.895
  • Outline
    • R: 255
    • G: 255
    • B: 255
    • Intensity: 2.00
  • Ambient Occlusion
    • Intensity: 1.281
    • ThicknessModifier: 2.0000
    • R: 100
    • G: 100
    • B: 100
  • Chromatic Aberration
    • 0.667

At last, click the .mp4 tab and the export button.

post-processing and .mp4 export

Wrap Up


I really like VRM Animation Format. VRM Animation Format has unlimited possibilities. Let's all take advantage of it and promote this format!

I hope this format will be more great.

I hope this article can help you in some small way.