Game genres that are well-suited for Indie GameDev, particularly SoloDev.

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There are significant barriers to making a living as an individual developer, and I hope to share with you some of the tips I have learned to become a full-time indie.

I hope it will be of some help to you.

Please note that this article may not be suitable for hobbyist developers.

Apps using game development techniques

In my experience, the software that is most likely to please users is the one that is helpful.

Reading book

Developing apps using game development techniques has many advantages over games.

  • Users: It is easy for users who like the site to continue to use it. Unlike games, they do not stop playing because they are bored.
  • Development period: It can be released in a shorter period of time compared to game development.
  • Monetization: Various methods, such as subscriptions, buyouts, and advertising, are options.

VRM Posing Desktop, the application of game development techniques, allowed me to become a full-time indie developer.

Here is my pruduct.

VRM Posing Desktop

Genres that are also established in analog

Games that already exist as analog games are an influential genre in digital games.

Everyone knows those words for analog games.

For example, the following games.

  • Chess
  • Playing cards
  • Casinos

chess image

These can expect a large number of search inflows.

But, at the same time, they are also genres with many rivals, so it may be necessary to devise ways to keep users using them.

Content that is viable as a magazine

We can also get game and application development hints from magazines and advertisements.

In an era of publishing recession, magazines are viable because they are in demand.


The following would increase the likelihood of attracting a certain number of users if added as an element of a game or application.

  • puzzle
  • gambling
  • fortune-telling
  • illustration, manga, anime, art
  • military

It may be helpful to incorporate these elements into some of the games and applications.

Genres with core fans

Some games have a core fan base in the genre itself.

Developing a genre that users want makes it easier for many people to use.


Among them, the following genres seem to offer opportunities for Indiedev.

  • 8 bit (or Voxel games)
  • Escape Games
  • Roguelike
  • Love simulation
  • War Games

8-bit and escape games seem to be a trend as users always look for new games.

I have also heard that just by using pixel art for game icons, the number of app installs has increased by over 1,000.

There may be more, so please analyze the market in your way.


  • Genres: Some genres are more successful, with fewer resources for individual development than others.
  • Demand: Always keep in mind what the user wants.

In the end, strive to pursue your passion and develop it!

Thank you for reading to the end. Let's embark on the journey of game development together and enjoy the experience!